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WATCH: Fried Egg Jellyfish invasion at Wied il-Għasri

A jellyfish invasion reached the coast to the north of Gozo. The event was experienced by Professor Alan Deidun who, while diving at Wied il-Għasri, he counted around two hundred fried egg jellyfish, a jellyfish species, known also as ‘tal-lampuki’.

Professor Deidun said that this type of jellyfish is always seen at this time of the year when temperatures rise over 25 degrees Celsius. “This is nature’s beauty. You have a different species which is present in a particular time of the year. The fried egg jellyfish always appears after Santa Marija”. The species is found mostly in the west of the Mediterranean, near Spain, Italy and Tunisia.

While noting closely the beauty of the jellyfish – knocking itself like a heart – Prof. Deidun said that it is not dangerous because it does not sting and appealed to whoever notices jellyfish in local seas to send a report to Spot the Jelly Fish campaign.

Listen to the full comments of Professor Alan Deidun here:

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