WATCH: From a mechanic to a builder of model vehicles

Louis Camilleri used to work as a mechanic but when he retired he decided to combine his skills with his creativity to build model vehicles.

Louis Camilleri retired seven years ago from his job as a mechanic. Since then he has enjoyed dedicating his free time in his garage in Gzira to his hobby, where he spends several hours at a time building model cars.

He says that his experience as a mechanic has helped him to transform the vehicles of his dreams into real models.

“I have always wanted to recreate my grandfather’s truck, because he used to sell petroleum and I finally managed to make a replica. After that I started making one truck after another. Then someone would come along and ask me to make an Anglia, or to make an Escort, so I started making those too.”

He says that he pays a great deal of attention to detail and carries out extensive research so that the final result will be precise.

“These types of models I am making were the type of cars I used to work on at the car rental garage and I had a lot of them, so I know them all by heart,  such as the Anglia, the Cortina, so I can go into certain details,” he added.

He said that he inherited his love of model making from his father who is 89 and still builds beautiful models of houses which demonstrate an amazing talent.

“I ended up making models, sometimes of houses and sometimes of cars, but the houses are my father’s speciality and although I help him, my speciality are vehicles,”

We left Louis happily working away in his garage, as he embarks on a new project.

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