Watch: Group of irregular immigrants relocated to Germany

Another group of irregular immigrants were relocated to Germany on Thursday morning.

The relocation took place as part of the arrangement between Malta and the European Commission, aimed at reducing the burden of irregular immigration from Malta.

The immigrants left Malta on a direct flight to Germany where they will be able to continue the process related to their request for international protection.

The Ministry of Interior, National Security and Law Enforcement recalled how relocation was the only effective way to reduce the burden on border countries. This, while the Government continues to work hard to reduce the arrival of irregular immigrants and repatriate people who do not need protection in Malta.

This work is reflected in this year’s figures, where the numbers of irregular immigrants who have left our country since the beginning of the year exceeds the number of new arrivals of immigrants.

Preparations for the relocation involved the assistance of the Immigration Section of the Police, the International Organization for Migration and the European Union Asylum Support Office. The relocation is co-financed by the European Union, including the emergency assistance fund under the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund.