WATCH: Gymnast video was seen over 60 million times

A two-minute video, which went viral on social sites in four days, has been seen for over 60 million times.

In a world in which footage of sufferings, violence and tragedies are widely popular, the smile of American floor gymnast Katelyn Ohashi was the order of the day on social sites following her perfect score of 10 during a floor routine performance in gymnastics.

The story behind this perfect gymnastic performance should be an example to people who lose confidence in sport and other activities.

21-year old Katelyn had retired from professional gymnastics some years ago due to the pressure she faced in her career and also because of an injury.

Ohashi says that her return to the sport was possible through the assistance by her University. She thanked her friends and the University’s administration for motivating her to continue to practice gymnastics and return as one of the best American athletes.

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