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WATCH: Ħal Kirkop decorated with recycled objects

A number of organisations and the Ħal Kirkop Local Council this year decided to provide a festive feature to their locality with decorations made of recycled objects.

The initiative and idea came from Charles Buttigieg who opted for a great ball as part of the decorations. He told Television Malta that his hobby for recycled art started four years ago with home objects. Last year, he continued to develop his hobby and even broke a national record for the size of a Christmas ball, which was again broken this year.

“The process starts by collecting toilet rolls, we cut them and stick them with glue. The round frame is made by members of the San Leonardo society and we start building the ball. Josef Borg and myself did the cardboard and glitters”.

Mr Buttigieg said this work gives him great satisfaction because it provides a new value to objects that end up as waste.

Ħal Kirkop mayor Terence Agius told TVM that the council welcomed the idea of linking the festive season with an environmental initiative. “We called the initiative Gigantic, a Christmas activity with recycled things”.

The Ħal Kirkop Christmas market is being held today till 10,00pm and on Sunday between 10.00am and 8.00pm.

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