WATCH: Here’s why you should never leave a plastic bottle in car

Everyone sometimes leaves behind a plastic bottle inside the car.

In a video footage doing the rounds world-wide, the Midwest City Civil Protection department explains the danger that one may cause when a plastic bottle is left in the car.

As the department’s officer points out in the footage, a plastic bottle may set off a fire inside a car if the sun’s rays happen to reflect on a certain point of the bottle.

The officer also makes a demonstration of this danger in order to better deliver this warning.

Apart from engulfing the car in flames, the water in the plastic bottle is undrinkable because it may release dangerous chemicals in the water once the bottle is heated by sun rays.

Can a bottle of water start a fire?

Can a bottle of water start a fire?After numerous comments and questions about the actual possibility of a water bottle being able to start a fire, we put it to the test today! It did in fact work! (See the attached video).PLEASE keep in mind that many factors must be in place for this to occur. The likelihood of this happening in a vehicle and sustaining a fire is probably very small. We do not endorse or condone this activity. This was conducted in a controlled environment for demonstration purposes only!

Gepostet von Midwest City Fire Department am Donnerstag, 17. August 2017


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