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WATCH: Hopes to win singing competition through his uncanny resemblance with Canadian Premier

An Afghan singer who took part in a competition has ended up becoming famous for his appearance.

Abdul Salam Maftoon,who earns a living by singing at weddings and feasts, is the split image of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Abdul Salam lives in Badakhshan, a poor, faraway country, and had never heard of Justin Trudeau, let alone knew who he is.

As soon as he went on the Afghan Star stage, however, a member of the jury immediately commented on his resemblance to the Canadian Premier.

Maftoon is hoping this resemblance to Justin Trudeau, considered one of the most handsome leaders in the world, will get him more votes and fame in this Afghan version of American Idol.

Maftoon believes his chance of winning has increased by 50%, and is hoping to become more financially stable and provide a comfortable living for his wife and four children as a result.

The singer also expressed the hope of one day meeting with Trudeau.


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