WATCH: How does a plea bargain work for those who help a crime to be solved?

Dr Lucio Sciriha explained how the plea bargain system works when a person who is accused of a crime enters into an agreement to have his sentence reduced if he reveals what he knows, including information on other cases.

It is understand that a plea bargain was used in the case of Vince Muscat who was given a 15 year sentence for the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia and a pardon for the murder of Carmel Chircop.

Dr Sciriha said in cases like this there would be a discussion between the Police, the Attorney General, together with the Defence lawyer, on the terms of agreement on the sentence and the information which will be provided.

He clarified that the Court is still not be bound by this agreement and can refuse it. This, however, did not happen in the case of Vince Muscat.

You can watch the full interview with Dr Sciriha here:

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