Watch how harmful a sedentary office job can be

Office work is considered by many as painless and effortless unlike other forms of manual work. However this is not the reality on the ground for health experts.

Emma is a doll created in the UK to raise awareness about the threat to the health of those who perform sedentary work in an environment which was harmful to their health.

William Higham, an expert in human behaviour, explained that Emma has serious problems, and has ended up permanently hunchbacked. She has red eyes which have dried up because of the long hours spent in front of a computer, varicose veins from lack of circulation, and yellow skin as a result of artificial light, among others.

“For Emma it is too late … but employees who are currently working can do a lot to improve their lives,” William Higham told the media. He suggested, among other things, to get employees to get up and walk every hour, and for some meetings not to take place sitting down around a table.


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