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WATCH: How were consumers and businesses affected by the hacking on BOV?

The cyber attack on the Bank of Valletta and the suspension of its banking services penalised both businesses and their clients. On the eve of an important day for many establishments and shops during which they usually see substantial trade, restaurant owners said that they had lost 30% of their business.

Bank of Valletta was forced to suspend all its operations after it was learned that hackers had infiltrated the bank’s sytems.

This cyber attack, the largest and worst ever seen in Malta, had an immediate effect on businesses, commerce and transactions by the public who could not withdraw or deposit money at the ATMs, or buy anything using their BOV cards, on a day in which shops were expecting a lot of business because people usually buy presents for St Valentine’s.

The President of the GRTU Paul Abela said, however, that supermarkets and shows were still accepting offline transactions up to 120 Euro.

”Bank of Valletta is not to blame for this, obviously..this is something which could happen to anyone, and we appeal to everyone to co-operate. However we have information that clients may use their cards up to a maximum of €120 which are guaranteed and those who have a Mastercard or Visa can use global payments, and it will pass through global payments.”

Bank of Valletta is working round the clock to resume its banking services as soon as possible after the necessary verifications are carried out.



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