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WATCH: How will the story continue?

What happens the day after the ball when Arturo caught Bettina with Diego?

The television drama l-Għarusa, which is transmitted on TVM, achieved great success with a large weekly audience that watched the evolving story. The story of the bride left us with great curiosity last April and now everyone is eagerly waiting to watch how the events will evolve when the TV drama continues next October.

The brains behind l-Għarusa – Steven and Justin, together with their team and Sharp Shoot company – are resuming their production to deliver to the audience a quality product, as they have already done. TVM asked Audrey Brincat Dalli how the story will evolve and her reply was that the wedding gown will offer a new mystery in this new season. New characters in the story will also be introduced.

Currently, a repetition of the first season is being transmitted every Friday on TVM at 15:00.

We will have to wait till next October, meanwhile here is a taste of what one expects in the new episodes:-


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