Watch how you may apply to be vaccinated against Covid-19

Persons over 50 may from today start applying to receive the Covid-19 vaccine. This was announced this morning during a press conference by the health authorities.

It was explained that an individual may apply online or through an SMS. Once a person applies, he/she will immediately receive an SMS to acknowledge the application, and that within a few days another SMS is sent with the appointment for the vaccination.

Persons who wish to receive the vaccine in Gozo have to send an SMS to apply on 99180044, while those who wish to be inoculated in Malta should apply on 99180045.

Vaccination may also be administered by family doctors on the request of the person concerned. Those who register with a family doctor should not register again for the vaccination.

Follow the whole process in this video on how a person can apply if he/she is aged 50 or over: