WATCH: Human smugglers involved in car chase through two countries

Belgium police shot at a UK-registered car containing four persons suspected of being human traffickers. The police fired their shots near Bunkirk in Northern France, after they had been chasing after the car from the moment the suspects fled from Belgium.

The four traffickers, all Iraqis, were seriously injured when their car crashed. Two of the men were also wounded by the gunshots fired at them and were taken to a hospital in Lille, France for treatment.

Shortly after the men were caught, in another operation which was linked to this one, tens of migrants were found in a truck in Belgium who were hoping to cross into the UK from France.

Smugglers carThe prosecutors said that there is strong evidence that the men were involved in a trafficking racket. The operation began when the driver of the truck in Belgium called the police when he saw a  man helping around 17 migrants climb into his truck.

When the police arrived in the parking lot where the truck was parked, the suspects fled in a getaway car. At least 15 shots are reported to have been fired by the police. One of the men was hit in the shoulder and another man was shot in the stomach.

The police continued to chase after the car even when it crossed the French border, with at least three traffic accidents being caused because of the car chase. In the traffic chaos created by the accidents, a motorcyclist died when he crashed into a truck.

This area is well-known as a transition centre for migrants who are planning to continue their journey towards the UK.