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WATCH: “If wheat has already sprouted, then there is hope”… a priest’s poem for Easter

A poem by Fr Gilbert Scicluna contains a starting point from fields where wheat sprouted and grew in order to send a message of hope we dearly need.

In the poem, Fr Gilbert expressed his confidence that the moment will arrive for life to continue in a beautiful way.

This is the way it goes in Maltese:

“Jekk nibet diġà l-qamħ allura hemm tama

Li l-ħajja terġa’ lura għal li kienet

U artna trodd il-frott minkejja n-nixfa

Minkejja l-mard qalil li qed jaħkimna.”

Watch the video hereunder and continue to listen to this poem in the background of footage that complement the message.

In the video, the poem is read by Fr Mark Mallia Pawley, a friend of Fr Gilbert – the two were ordained priests together.