Watch: “I’m happy with my mum and dad!” – boy recovering from stroke in mother’s womb

A stroke can affect one unexpectedly, irrespective of one’s age. Evidence of this is the story of six-year-old Joey Mayer, who suffered a stroke when still in his mother’s womb.

In comments with ‘Popolin’, Joey’s parents Andrew and Patricia Mayer recounted that when they were given the news about Joey’s stroke, their life changed overnight. They admitted, however, that they bolstered each other’s courage and united themselves as a family, and Joey’s situation today has improved considerably.

Joey’s mother Patricia explained that after she and her husband found out that Joey only had half a brain, they had to take him to the UK. Joey was operated on and immediately started improving. He even started to learn to gradually sit down and stand up.

Joey’s parents described their son as a very happy boy. They added that despite his age, he never gives up.

Stroke is the second-highest ‘killer’ in Malta and is the most common cause of permanent disability. Many factors can lead to a stroke, including long hours of work.  A Report published in recent days by the World Health Organisation shows that if one works for 55 hours or more per week, one has a 35% more chance of a stroke when compared to those who work for 35 to 40 hours per week.