WATCH: In Malta seabream was washed ashore….and in Australia?

In Malta, everyone was surprised by the seabream which was washed ashore. In Australia, the surprise was a bit greater…and less pleasant!

A video uploaded on social media shows a man at the edge of a creek in the Northern Territory.  In his hands one can see what looks like a piece of meat.

The man puts the food on the surface of the water, naturally with the hope of attracting some animal. His wish comes true, much quicker than he thinks.

A large crocodile jumps out of the water with great agility and the startled man barely has time to take a step back to avoid what could have been a fatal bite.

If the crocodile had come closer or if the man was less swift, the crocodile would have probably eaten more than just one bite.

The person who posted the video on Instagram warned the public to be careful from such creeks and only swim in places indicated to be safe by the authorities.

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