Watch: Inquiry concludes that 2 prison correctional officers did not adhere to regulations and did not inform the Prison Director

The Minister of Home Affairs, National Security and Law Enforcement, Byron Camilleri, said that it emerged from the Magisterial inquiry into the case of a suicide attempt that took place in prison on June 16, that the prison director was kept in the dark about what was going on.

Two correctional officers are due to be brought to court and charged with crimes of an involuntary nature. They were immediately suspended and are also subject to proceedings before the Public Service Commission.

“I understand that I have to be a careful in comments I make as I do not want to prejudice the case or even prejudice the investigations that have taken place. And according to the inquiry against these two people who work there – the conclusions of the inquiry are that these people did not comply with the regulations and did not even inform the Director. So from what I saw of the inquiry, it actually turns out that the Director was not informed of what was happening and these are not my conclusions but those of the inquiry.”, said Camilleri.

Asked by reporters whether there are people who should take responsibility and whether the the prison Director’s position is still tenable, Minister Camilleri said he could only decide on the facts.

He added that he went a step further than what is expected at law, and appointed an independent inquiry to fully evaluate the procedures and system in the Corradino Correctional Facility and whether there are things that need to be changed, things that can be improved, and whether there are things that need to be introduced

Minister Camilleri said that the magisterial inquiries into the four deaths that took place last year inside the Corradino Correctional Facility were concluded and that no shortcomings were found on the part of the workers and the management of the prison.

He also mentioned another case where the magisterial inquiry, which reached him about five months ago about the death of an overdose prisoner in 2011/2012, concluded that there should be more police investigations to establish where drug were coming from and how people were taking drugs inside the prison.