WATCH: Is Covid-19 making people more creative?

With schools shut down and children at home, many parents are trying to be more creative in order to keep the children occupied, and teachers are not just giving virtual lessons but are also creating some entertainment with bingo games online, as Yvette Cassar Conti from St Benild’s did with some 50 families.

A priest in the UK also tried to use social media to communicate with people. His first attempt to explain the liturgy online, however, nearly saw him ending up in the hospital. “Oh dear, I just caught on fire!”

And with more people spending more time in front of their screens – TV, mobile or laptop – songs and parodies are the order of the day.

Internationally, Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody remains the classic choice for such situations.

Inspired mainly by people’s panic for toilet rolls, Chris Mann was also creative with the song ‘My Corona’.

And the millions of video clips being posted online include one in which the protagonists are the doctors and nurses who are on the frontline in this war.

In Northern Ireland, twenty health workers kept their distance from each other at the entrance to the hospital named Mater, and in simple terms appealed to people to remain at home, pointing out that this is the biggest medical crisis of these times.

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