WATCH: ITS lecturers explain measures in restaurants in connection with Covid-19

In light of the measures being taken in restaurants since food outlets have reopened, the ITS published a video in the past hours with the aim of making its students, as well as others intending to work in the food sector, restaurant owners and the public, more familiar with a number of measures announced in the past days by the Malta Tourism Authority and the Ministry for Tourism and Consumer Protection.

Among other issues, the video points out the three-metre distancing between tables indoors and two-metre distancing between chairs. The distance between tables outdoors has to be of two metres, and chairs have to be separated by a one-metre space. Smoking can only be indulged in ten metres away from one’s seat.

Little or nothing should be placed on tables, both indoors and outside, to make disinfection easier. No menus should be placed on tables. Single-use menus are being used instead, or one can check menus online. As for salt, pepper, sugar, sauces, oil and vinegar, single-use containers and sachets are being used and eventually discarded in order to minimise contact. Contactless cards are being recommended for payment.

All orders should be taken at tables. Orders at the bar are not allowed. Likewise, buffet services are not permissible. Staff have to wear a mask or visor, and plates and cutlery have to be washed at a temperature exceeding 60 degrees Celsius.

Chairs and tables have to be disinfected between clients. And clients have to disinfect hands when entering and again on departure.

Once an establishment has followed these procedures, certification will be given for affixing to the door of the establishment, to set consumers’ minds at rest that the place is safe.

The training restaurants at the Institute of Tourism will open to the public in September, and this information will also be useful for students when the training restaurants are operational again.