Watch: “It’s now our turn!” – Deputy PM and Opposition Health Spokesperson take the Covid-19 vaccine

This morning, the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Health, Mr Chris Fearne and Opposition Health Spokesperson Stephen Spiteri, received the vaccine for Covid-19 in an event that was broadcast live on social media.

In a light moment before taking the vaccine, Mr Fearne reflected on how many times he and his colleague Dr Spiteri have given vaccinations to people throughout their professional careers in the health field, with the Deputy Prime Minister pointing out “Now it’s our turn!”

In a short speech after receiving the vaccine, the Deputy Prime Minister reminded the public that from tomorrow the vaccination will be given to workers in private pharmacies, while all those over 80 will also start receiving the letters with an invitation to be vaccinated.

He appealed for vaccine recipients to trust in science and not superstition, and to go for the vaccine. He also appealed to everyone, both those who have taken and those who have not yet received the vaccine, to continue to observe all measures against the spread of Covid.

The Opposition Health Spokesperson also appealed to people to follow his and the Deputy Prime Minister’s example and trust in the vaccine. He said it would be useless to have a ‘roll-out’ of vaccines if people did not take it.