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Watch: Jessika launches her latest song – “Edge of Tomorrow”

Singer Jessika has launched a music video for her new song, entitled “Edge of Tomorrow”, penned by Gerald James Borg with music by Philip and Sean Vella.

In a comment to, singer Jessika Muscat pointed out that the song is about the challenge for a person to remain strong in difficult times. Jessika added that when they were shooting the video, she kept thinking of the terrorist attack in Barcelona, mainly because of her special love for Spanish culture, as she teaches Spanish. Jessica said that man is going through difficult times, with a dark cloud hanging overhead. The singer insisted that now is the time to remain strong, raise up our heads and always look ahead.

Referring to the video, Jessika said it was her wish to have it shot in areas so dear to her, like Ghajn Tuffieha and l-Ahrax tal-Mellieha. Jessika added that these are her places of choice when she wants to think and reflect, and also in difficult moments, as these locations give her the courage to raise her head and move on. Which was why she felt they were the ideal backgrounds for her music video.