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WATCH: Joy and disappointment during The X Factor Malta filming – what is currently happening?

Exciting days for participants in the first ever edition in Malta of The X Factor Malta. Currently the talent show programme, which will be transmitted on TVM from October, is at its second phase of what is known as the Bootcamp.

After over 400 applications were submitted by persons interested to participate in The X Factor Malta, 120 participants advanced to this phase of the programme. Currently, the four members of the jury – Howard Keith, Ira Losco, Alexandra Aldin and Ray Mercieca – presented a number of challenges to participants to evaluate how they face them and what are their vocal skills.

The challenges include what is known as the ‘Wall of Songs’ during which singers have to hurry to select a song and interpret it during the rehearsals. The participating singers in the Bootcamp were involved in a series of workshops with vocal coaches to prepare for rehearsals on stage in front of the jury.

The challenge becomes harder when participants are requested to give their interpretation of the song selected by other singers and they sing it together.

At the end of the Bootcamp there will be participants who are happy and others disappointed as their experience will end in this phase of the programme. 48 participants will go through the second phase to continue participating until the final. In the next phase, participants will be informed in which category they will participate and the member of the jury who will be responsible for the category.

The next phase will be the Chair Challenge – the public will have the opportunity to be present in the hall during this phase which will be recorded in the middle of October.

The X Factor Malta, an international format of Syco Entertainment, will be broadcast on TVM from Sunday, 7th October.

One can have an idea of what is happening during the current behind the stage Bootcamp phase through this video.

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