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WATCH: Jumps 11 storeys from cruise liner in dare with friends

A youth who jumped from a balcony on the 11th floor of a cruise liner berthed in the Bahamas can count himself lucky, as he escaped with just a few bruises.

After the jump, 27-year-old Canadian Nick Naydev, who is a gymnast, said he had jumped without giving it much thought, after joking with his friends and challenging them that he was prepared to jump from the balcony. He admitted that his action was dangerous, and appealed to everyone not to replicate it.

The video clip of Naydev taking the jump, to the applause and shouts of his friends, quickly circled the globe on social media and broadcasting media.

His stupid prank was appreciated even less by the cruise line company Royal Caribbean, and Naydev and his friends were immediately asked to leave the ship, besides being told they would never again travel with Royal Caribbean.