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UPDATE (3): “I will continue working for unity until the last day” – President

Thousands of participants took part in the 11th edition of the President’s Solidarity Fun Run, organised by the President’s office in aid of the Malta Community Chest Fund Foundation.

When the Fun Run ended at St George’s Square, the President thanked all those who had contributed, saying they had proved the greatness of the Maltese people. AT the end of his first Fun Run President Vella reiterated his commitment to continue to work for unity – both in terms of those who needed help and also for the country.

This was the 11th edition of the Fun Run, after the event was cancelled in November due to inclement weather.

The event started from four different localities. For those running, the event began from Rabat, where Prime Minister Robert Abela joined the participants, while the walking event started from Santa Venera, Paola and near the University, where President George Vella and the Deputy Leader of the Opposition started the walk.

Participants in the four routes passed through a number of towns and villages and culminating for the last phase of the Fun Run in a walk from Pieta toward Valletta, where speeches were made at St George’s Square.

In a short speech, President George Vella said that once again, the nation had shown what a generous heart it had and how united it was.

“When I think of two occasions – Strina on 26th December and today – where we showed the world that the Maltese people are the ones in the streets today, in solidarity with one another and generous of heart. This is Malta and I will strive till my last day in office to see through that the first message I gave on the 4th April when I was appointed President, where I said that I wanted to see the Maltese people united. This doesn’t mean that we will never have differences. These are welcome in a democracy but we have to respect one another and love one another and stand shoulder to shoulder in adversity and also in society.”

Prime Minister Robert Abela described the event as a celebration of national unity.

“This is the real Malta and the real Gozo. Unity which brings us together and where we put aside that which divides us and where we celebrate unity – this is a beautiful celebration of unity , unity for a noble cause which helps those who are going through difficult moments in their lives – the sick, the needy’.

Deputy Opposition Leader David Agius said that in recent days, after losing a friend, he felt the need to appeal to the generosity of the Community Chest Fund.

“Sickness does not discriminate and in the name of the Opposition Leader and of all my colleagues let us work as a country to continue helping the Community Chest Fund, so that those who truly need help get it.”

The event was broadcast on TVM2 among other stations, and several donations were made by viewers which will be added to the donations of the Community Chest Fund. The activity was put up by SportMalta, in collaboration with several entities, among these Enemed. The organisers said that the next edition will be held in October and the activity will pave the way for the next edition of Strina.

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