Watch: Lighting up of tallest Christmas tree in Birżebbuġa

Birżebbuġa residents on Saturday evening lit what was described as the tallest Christmas tree ever erected in Malta. The tree was mounted in Birżebbuġa square with a height of seven stories.

Scores of residents attended the lighting up of the Christmas tree which was manufactured by members of the ‘Ghaqda Armar Parroċċa’ of Birżebbuġa.

Members of the society told that they had been working on the tree for around three months. Its structure is made of iron and was covered with green material. The Christmas tree is decorated with thousands of LEDs bulbs, has a base diameter of 10 metres. A Malta Records team measured the star specially manufactured for the tree which was installed at its top.

The gigantic tree is part of Christmas activities being held this weekend at the Birżebbuġa square organised by the Parish Church in collaboration with the locality’s societies and bands.

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