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WATCH: Lioness joins tourists in safari car

How would you react if, when going round a park in your car, a lion jumps into the seat next to you? This is exactly what happened to a group of tourists who were visiting Taigan Safari Park in the Crimea.

Filya, a two-year-old lioness, jumped into the seat next to the driver of an open car carrying a group of tourists who were taking photographs of this ‘adventure’, which quickly took on a different aspect.

Needless to say, initially everyone was scared, but it soon became apparent that all Filya wanted was to be cuddled. The lioness enjoys being petted by everyone, even if because of her size, space had to be made for her.

These animals, however, are not always so tame. A lion had attacked a woman who was petting it in the same park two months ago. The lion had bitten the woman’s arms and had dragged her out, but luckily she was not seriously injured.

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