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WATCH: Love in a special ring for each other on Valentine Day

David Cauchi and Maria Spiteri are two young persons with Down’s Syndrome. They have been in a relationship for five years, and their wish is to get married.

On the eve of Valentine Day, David and Maria appealed to others like them not to be scared of entering into a relationship, because they are as capable of loving as anyone else.

I found David on his mother-in-law’s sofa, waiting for his partner… Maria Spiteri… whilst she was applying the finishing touches. David and Maria are both Down’s Syndrome and had met by chance at a hairdresser’s five years ago. Since then, a relationship has developed between them.

“David has a lovely face. I fancied him. He’s my boyfriend. He’s a sweet person, dresses well, and can do anything.”

Not a day passes without their thinking of each other.

“We meet up and we phone each other. We call every day Monday to Thursday, and on Wednesdays we meet for music, bowling and computer,” David explained.

On the eve of Valentine Day, David and Maria had a gift for each other.

“I’m going to give her something: a ring.”

“A card? Not yet. I’ll buy him a ring. An engagement ring.”

They have a strong desire to get married.

“I love him and will continue to love him. We will be a united family, and we can get married.”

“Yes, our song is Power of Love,” David added.

David’s mother said she could not imagine him without Maria.

“When he gets up, sometimes it’s too early, and I tell him they would still be asleep. He can’t stay without her.”

Maria’s mother is of the same opinion.

“As Down’s Syndrome, they are very sensitive. Hearts of gold. Their love is true love.

David and Maria are examples of unconditional love.

David and Maria speak about their love on INSIGHTS on Sunday at 10.30 p.m. on TVM.



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