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WATCH: Majority of Maltese do not favour change in summer time

The majority of Maltese who spoke with TVM are not in favour that the European Union changes its directive to end the summer time between March and October. Arguments have been raised in the European Parliament that the summer time may be negatively affecting European citizens.

In a resolution in the European Parliament, the EU was requested to examine if the summer time which is implemented in member states in the last week of March and October, is having a negative impact on European citizens.

The resolution found the support of 384 Euro MPs, including the five Maltese Europarliamentarians, while a minority of 153 deputies voted against as they oppose the Commission considers changing the summer time directive.

In Malta, the majority of people who spoke with TVM want summer time to remain in place.

In countries, such as Finland and Denmark where sunset prolongs itself during summer, the summer time may create problems. Dutch Euro MPs argue that the summer time may even be a threat to health as people stay awake longer and it is more easy that they are involved in traffic accidents.

With conflicting interests between the northern and southern parts in Europe, the European Commission will attempt to find a balance and compromise, which is not an easy thing as EC Commissioner for transport, Violeta Bulc, stated.

“Uncoordinated national time change in the course of the year would create very important problems for the good functioning of our internal market, notably in the transport sector. So, if we ever decide to stop changing the clock it has to be done throughout EU in a synchronised and unified manner.”

Despite the debate, this will certainly not be decided by the end of next March when summer time starts again in Malta and in all of the European Union states.

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