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WATCH: Maltese climbers reach Kilimanjaro peak for charity

A group of nineteen Maltese climbers successfully ended their mission on Kilimanjaro mountain in a challenge aimed at reaching its peak and at the same time raising funds for building a school in Ethiopia.

The climbers from Malta challenged the elements and managed to end their mission by climbing up to the Kilimanjaro peak in Tanzania – a height of almost 6,000 metres.

Jonathan Galea, a member of the group, said that they encountered difficult moments until they reached the Uhuru peak. “The first six days were very challenging to scale the mountain during days where we were conscious about our mental and physical limits. The most difficult night was the last one where we spent eight hours climbing the last thousand metres”.

Jonathan added that the most pleasant moment was when they realised that they managed to complete the whole adventure as a group. “We reached the peak in one group….a feat that only a few of previous larger groups managed to complete and we are happy that we did it as a group”.

Zachary Cassar said that the successful completion of the challenge was the result of months of physical and psychological preparations in order to complete the mission.

“We are proud that with the raised money during this challenge will see the building of the primary school in Ethiopia”.

The group are now heading towards Bonga in Ethiopia to inaugurate the school where some 700 children will attend classes.

This was the 13th edition of the Kilimanjaro challenge which involved projects aimed at assisting vulnerable children in the African continent. Nearly one million euro have already been raised for projects in Kenya and Ethiopia.

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