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WATCH: Maltese couple caught up in typhoon Hagibis storm in Japan

A Maltese couple on their honeymoon in Japan got caught up in the storm in the wake of typhoon Hagibis.

Steve and Maria Sciberras contacted TVM and informed us they are sheltering in a hotel in Tokyo after being given instructions not to ventue outdoors before the storm blows over.

The Sciberras couple said they experienced strong winds and heavy rain, and all shops and other establishments were closed. Although the storm dampened their honeymoon holiday, they still plan to go ahead with their plans to tour the country once everything calms down.

The heavy rain and the strong winds which reached a speed of 225 km/h are hitting some parts of the country, and some seven million residents have been urged to leave their homes because of the fear of floods and landslides.

This typhoon is being considered as the worst ever to have hit the country in the past 60 years.

The storm brought the country to its knees, with transport services stopped and sone flights cancelled.

Thousands of supporters are presently in Japan to follow the Rugby World Cup 2019, but some games have been cancelled as a result of the storms in some parts of the country.

So far, one man has lost his life in Chiba, close to the country’s capital, after strong winds overturned his car.


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