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Watch: Maltese holidaymakers get caught in the crossfire during Hong Kong protests

Two Maltese ob holiday in China and Hong Kong ended up caught in riots which have continued unabated in Hong Kong. Lawrence Attard spoke to TVM, having just managed to escape from a violent protest in which tear gas was fired by police.

Lawrence Attard and James Agius, who are holidaying in Hong Kong, were caught amid violent demonstrations. Although both Maltese have been there for three days and have seen small-scale protests, today, they said, was by far the worst day.

“Many bricks which are unearthed are thrown in the middle of the street to keep police at bay … we saw them breaking phone boxes and signposts,” (Mr Attard).

In a video taken by Mr Attard, the protesters in Nathan Road can be seen approaching the police in an organized fashion. One of the protesters is seen throwing something in the direction of the Police, and the police respond by spraying tear gas.

Everyone ran away in an attempt escape the gas, but Lawrence was among those who did not manage to escape it altogether. “I can tell you that I have never felt such pain in my chest and eyes, this was pain like never before.”

Following these protests in this area ​​ chaos continued overnight. Amid sounds of sirens and horns, Mr Attard told us he could not sleep: “Tell me how can you sleep with the sirens and horns? Nobody could go anywhere.”

Mr Attard said that the protests were not everywhere, and in fact in the next few days they intend to visit various other places. Still they have no way of knowing what they may come up against as even schools are expected to be closed tomorrow.

“Walking in the street you come across ten, twelve Police van and trucks driving toward an unknown destination one after the other, and you constantly hear the sound of sirens and smell tear gas from every street through which you pass “said Mr Attard.

The Hong Kong protests began last June in connection with a new law that will allow residents of Hong Kong suspected of a crime to be extradited to China.

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