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Watch: Maltese mistaken mentality about banana consumption

A 24-year study among 13,500 persons in the United States showed that, contrary to many people’s perception, the banana is not a fattening fruit.

This was stated by family doctor Mark Schembri Wismayer while participating in the programme ‘Ninvestigaw x’qed nieklu’ on banana consumption, one of the most selling fruits in the world. He says that banana has between 90 and 110 calories and consists of many nutrients, including a good source of fibre such as Vitamin C, B6 and high level magnesium and potassium.

Dr Schembri Wisamyer added that banana fills a person up while, when consuming other fruits such as pears and apples, the more you eat you do not feel satisfied. This means that a person is digesting more calories that a banana or two to feel satisfied. He said that banana helps an individual for a good sleep at night because it contains products that assists to improve an individual’s behavior and it is ideal to be consumed around an hour before sleep.

The family doctor said that when a banana has a green peel it is has 80% carbohydrates, while when it becomes yellowish it ends up with 1% of carbohydrates as it has sugar. The former is suitable for pre-physical exercises.

Another guest on the programme was farmer Cane Vella, who said that the Maltese banana characteristic is that it is fatter and short. He said that many people have never eaten Malta’s banana and its taste varies from one to another. It is not difficult to cultivate this fruit in Malta however a practice has to be followed, including its cultivation in a place not affected by Northwesterly wind.