Watch: Maltese Orchestra perform National Anthem using their mobile phones

At a time when musicians are not meeting for concert training, a Maltese orchestra has been come together through video footage shot individually while singing the Maltese National Anthem.

The Conductor’s job is to conduct the orchestra. However, with everyone at home, St. Paul Metropolitan Orchestra Conductor Mark Agius directed 44 musicians from his mobile phone.

Conductor Mark Agius said ”everyone took a video of their score of the National anthem. They had no direction at all except that I sent my video myself, in blind, no music. They had to follow my directions and everyone shot the video on their mobile home. ”

45 mobile video footages of musicians playing instruments or singing individually, came together and formed the Maltese National anthem. Constrained not to attend training, 32 musicians and 12 soloists from around 100 people who make up the Orchestra, launched an initiative also as a show of appreciation for all the workers who are taking part in the fight against the Coronavirus.

Mr Agius said the orchestra had eleven concerts scheduled this year. Nine of them were cancelled – a major one being the Peace Concert which was to mark the 75th anniversary of the end of World War II.

Ironically, the last concert was held at Mater Dei Hospital on the last day of February.

Mr Agius said that despite many of the concerts being canceled, the musicians continued to practice at home. However, he stated that this was difficult to do with an orchestra, which needed to come together as one, both in terms of tonality and movement of the violinists’ hands among others.

” Chord instruments, can be played individually, but not being able to come together as one is not visually or aesthetically beautiful.”

Mr Aguis said this was a challenge when producing the Maltese National anthem which took volunteers several hours to coordinate.

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