WATCH: Maltese patient being treated in England Malta, cannot return due to virus spread

This year’s Puttinu Cares foundation run on the night between Maunday Thursday and Good Friday was canceled due to the Covid-19 spread.

Lourdes and Mario Ellul, who were about to return to Malta, had to stay in Sutton due to the coronavirus risks.

“I came here for a bone marrow transplant, however treatment took longer than the expected six months; we have been here for 14 months. We are now stranded with the coronavirus situation,” Lourdes said.

She added that the consultant told her that it is better for them to say there as she can be monitored. Lourdes is attending tests at the Royal Marsden hospital by herself due to the virus restrictions as transport is provided by the Maltese embassy.

Mario Ellul says that he fears the coronavirus spread. “Another way of suffering due to fear and anxiety because I have to do the shopping as Lourdes cannot – however I fear contracting the virus and we will not care for each other”.

Mario said that as food shelves emptied and with the assistance of Puttinu Cares, relatives sent essential things for the coming months. He added that they are missing their children and nephews.

There are currently 17 patients at Puttinu Cares’ Sutton apartments. The foundation’s deputy chairperson Angele Cuschieri said that currently only patients with urgent treatment are sent abroad.

“There are 14 days needed for quarantine, that is these patients have to be in good health to stay at home. If they need blood transfusion or blood tests, they cannot go to hospital and therefore they are stranded at apartments in England”.

Puttino Cares projects were also affected by Covid-19 as many fund raising events had to be canceled. Angele Cuschieri said that they are now focused on patients’ health while efforts are being made to acquire a building in central London for patients who need treatment.

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