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WATCH: Maltese scientist makes important discovery of galaxies in the universe

The latest great discovery on the universe was made by a Maltese scientist when he discovered 100 galaxies that go back to thirteen billion years. The discovery is the result of a four-year international research by astrophysicist Joseph Caruana from the University of Malta, with the use of the most advanced telescope in the world, based in Chile.

“A new thing in the study is the fact that we used a new and innovative instrument which has just been installed on the very large telescope in Chile”, Dr Caruana said. “We first used the Hubble telescope, which is currently in space, in order to discover a number of galaxies that throw strong light; then we analysed them with the new instrument”.

Dr Caruana stated he accessed the telescope for the first time as he has been collaborating for years with the team that built it. He contends that galaxies study is intrinsically linked with the beginning of the universe.

“Objects that were primitive in the past now form today’s galaxies; galaxies such as our home, which we call the Milky Way……from where did our galaxy originate? It came from such objects that joined together and formed more complex structures during time”.

The study led by Dr Caruana has just been accepted for publication by an international renowned journal, and will be presented at a Valletta conference in October with the participation of around 100 international scientists.

Dr Caruana stated that astronomy is not a closed science but can be important for other sciences because it creates new mathematical and technological formulas which are frequently used in other important sectors, such as engineering and medicine. This, he said, is making students realize that there is a future on this even in Malta for those who choose this area of studies.

The Maltese astrophysicist said his interest in the universe started in childhood, however he regrets the lack of youths who pursue this area.