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WATCH: Maltese stranded in Japan earthquake preparing to flee with family

Great tension reigned in Japan as authorities warned citizens that another earthquake is expected in time.

A Maltese national, who has lived in Japan for fourteen years, told Television Malta that the experience of three days ago was the worst of his life and is now preparing himself for any eventuality.

“It was a real moment I never experienced and do not want to experience again”, Damian Busuttil stated.

What was expected to be a normal day work for Busuttil in Sapporo, Japan, where he has been living for 11 years, turned into an awful experience when the region was hit by an earthquake, measuring 6.7 on the Richter scale.

The quake left devastation behind, large cracks in roads, damages in power stations while many residents ended up without electricity and water, including groceries.

“Many restaurants opened their doors for people to eat free of charge and are mounting posters for people to go to eat there….they have rice and everything”, Damian stated.

Due to food and drink shortages, Damiam stored many essential products. “I have a small child, bought three packets of nappies, tissues and many objects which normally did not buy in such quantity. Chocolate and biscuits that we may eat in an emergency”.

Damian is worried as authorities are warning about the possibility of another earthquake, saying they prepared necessities so that if something happens, they can escape immediately. “Everyone is doing so. The supermarkets are open, but are limited because there is not much work and bread”.

Thursday’s earthquake left 21 persons dead, while 13 other persons are reported missing.

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