Watch: Man builds rotating house to please his wife who wanted a change of scenery

Vojin Kusic, a 72-year-old Bosnian man, built a revolving house so that his wife Ljubica could enjoy varied views.

The couple lives in Srbac, a small village in the north of the country, and the man designed the house with underlying machines that rotate a full 360 degrees.

The house can rotate completely in 22 seconds if the setting is set on fast while if set to slow it takes 24 hours.

Kusic said that after their children took over the family business he had enough time to fulfill his wife’s wish.

According to the husband his wife wanted the bedrooms to face the sun but then she started complaining that the living room was giving onto the street.

While the woman did not want to comment on the house, Kusic said that now the woman would be able to rotate the house if there were people whom she did not wish to let in.