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WATCH: Man proposes during Carnival dance

The Malta Carnival this year will go down in history not only for its floats,  costumes and coloured grotesque masks, but also for the springtime weather during the middle of winter.  This is an important element during this period of foolishness which for the third day of Carnival saw people of all ages flocking to Valletta. Carnival 2020 will also remain imprinted in the memory of two dancers, Yanika Micallef and Brendan Farrugia, because as the Aladdin float arrived in front of the Court,  Brendan stopped dancing and asked Yanika to marry him.

We spoke with Yanika and Brendan a few seconds after she said the word, YES.

“How do you feel?”
“I’m very happy and was not expecting this.”
“Brendan, how long have you been planning this?”
“We have been rehearsing since September, and I did everything I could so that she would not catch on, and it worked. Thanks to everything, thank you so much.”

Earlier, thousands of people gathered in the streets of the capital.  Happy children wearing costumes were the highlight of the day. Many told us that they love floats and that they were wearing new costumes.

On Sunday the parade with King Carnival was led by the triumphal float which does not compete with the rest of the floats. The defilè which began from Castille square, went around the Granaries and entered the streets of Valletta. The peak was reached when the dance companies which accompany every float arrived at St George’s square. The dancers and their beautiful costumes complement the floats.

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