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WATCH: Man returns stolen cash after seeing pitiful state of victim’s account

A man in China who attempted to rob a girl withdrawing cash from an ATM, had second thoughts on seeing the state of his victim’s account

Security camera footage  shows the man approaching a young woman who was withdrawing cash from an ATM of the ICBC Bank in Heyuan.

The man told her to hand over the 2,500 Yuan she had just withdrawn, equivalent to just over 300 euro. This was not enough for him, however, and he ordered her to withdraw cash again.

The terrified girl complied, but when she tapped into her account, the thief noted she had no more money left, and the 300 euro was all she had.

At this point the man made an expected gesture, and smilingly returned the cash to the girl.

Although he had not actually stolen anything, the man still ended up arrested, as the authorities identified him from the video footage.


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