Watch: Mark Spiteri Lucas makes a come back

The Lucas family is synonymous with the local music scene and has produced some of the best Maltese musicians and artists including: John Charles Lucas, Oscar Lucas, Godwin Lucas and Joe Cutajar. Mark is a product of this same family and has gained a reputation as one of the leading composers in our country, best known for the success achieved in 2001 with the song “Fejn Staħbejtli” by Paul Ellul accompanied with the voice of Ira Losco.

Over the years, Mark has rarely taken part in a competition as a singer, but when he took this step he was a participant in some of the main festivals in Malta, including: L-Għanja tal-Poplu , The Independence Song Contest, Super One Festival and more recently in Muzika Muzika – Maltese Song Festival.


Lil Binti’, the participant song in Muzika Muzika – Maltese Song Festival, with a musical arrangement by Andrew Zammit, and a musical arrangement for orchestra by Maestro Joe Brown, seems to have made a big impact, so much so that it has entered the Top 20 Ranking in Malta and been played more than 3,000 times on Spotify, and was shown more than 6,000 times on YouTube.

This song led Mark Spiteri Lucas to return to the local music scene as a singer and he wanted to start by continuing to bring this song to life through a music video which is entirely shot inside the Cavalieri Art Hotel in St. Julian’s with a production by Marlon Polidano, who also served as artistic director together with Ludwig Galea.

“It was a great pleasure not only to write and sing this song but to leave a visual, tangible memory to my daughter Greta, so that when I’m not here, she will remember all the time we spent together”, says Mark Spiteri Lucas stating that “My daughter was the push I needed as an artist, with the idea of ​​sharing more original material in the coming months”.

‘Lil Binti’ is available on iTunes u Spotify thanks to the German Company CAP-Sounds and Ironic PR & Artist Management.