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WATCH: Matthew James releases song which raises awareness on anxiety

High is the title of another single by Matthew James since he started his solo career after ten years as the main singer of Red Electrick.

Matthew stated that High is the final part of three chapters, after Paul and Young Again. Paul is about a man who decides not to take risks in life, and to live in comfort.

In Young Again, when Paul dies, his son Mike realises he does not want to live like his father, and does not let anything stop his dreams, not even love.

This leads to High, with Mike being overcome by the evils of life and ending up full of anxiety, which is destroying him. Mike realises that the secret to happiness is creating a balance, through living his dreams and not losing empathy, love and gentleness towards others.

For this project Matthew worked with the Richmond Foundation, which is offering a course in first aid for mental health. Half the profits from every iTunes download will be donated to this Foundation.

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