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WATCH: Memories of St Paul’s feast passed on from one generation to the next

The external celebrations of the feast of St Paul continued on Sunday afternoon with the traditional march by the La Vallette band followed by the procession of St Paul’s statue in the evening.

Every year, the feast of St Paul’s in Valletta attracts crowds of not only Valletta residents who are from the St Paul’s parish, but also people from other areas. During this feast, the memories, emotions and nostalgia can be keenly felt especially among the people who are originally from Valletta.

Dr Ray Bondin, former President of the Valletta National Philharmonic Society said that “this feast has always had a strong national element and I feel that this is a very important point. It is so nice to see members of Parliament from both sides of the House coming here and paying tribute to our great saint, especially since St Paul spent three months here which is something wonderful for us.”

The procession goes through the main streets of the capital city with the St Paul devotees in front of the statue singing traditional hymns dedicated to their patron saint.

The feast of St Paul’s shipwreck is one of the three feasts dedicated to St Paul which are celebrated in Malta where the conversion of the Apostle and his martyrdom are commemorated.

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