WATCH: Miss Universe Malta among those who experienced solar eclipse in U.S.

Tiffany Pisani, who was crowned Miss Universe Malta 2017, was among those who experienced the total solar eclipse phenomenon in the United States on Monday.

Through a video she uploaded on the social media, Pisani shared her experience with those who were not lucky to personally watch the rare eclipse.

In comments to, Pisani stated that she watched the solar eclipse from the Boise national park, saying it was the best location for the occasion as close by there were French photographers who were specifically there to photograph the phenomenon.

She said that when the sun was completely covered by the moon, a breeze could be felt and birds flew instantly and perplexed. Then the watching crowd were overjoyed when the sun emerged again shortly after two minutes.

Pisani concluded that this was a rare experience she will treasure and one of the best moments of her life.