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WATCH: Mother of three plays with dolls and builds houses for them

This woman has been playing with dolls and building dollhouses for them since she was four years old. Today she is a mother of three, but Rebecca Micallef still plays with dolls, although now she is building and decorating dollhouses by hand to the finest detail.

Rebecca Micallef, a mother of three small children, has kept on living the dream many little girls have, not only to keep playing with dolls, but to also enter their world. Rebecca’s fantasy is to live in a small world and build dollhouses, which became a reality around 20 years ago. Rebecca’s hobby has led her to build 20 dollhouses over the years which she has decorated to the last detail. Rebecca also has a passion for the medieval and Victorian eras, and therefore each house she builds also has its own unique period in history.

“I have loved dollhouses since I was four years old; I have always had this love of miniatures.”

Rebecca told us that to build a house she has to study the era in detail in order to dress the dolls and to ensure that the decor exactly replicates that period in time. She said that every house requires months of work, sometimes even up to a year to be built and decorated. The handmade details include ceramics, tea sets, dresses and every other type of furnishings one can find in a home. To work on such small items, Rebecca told us that one requires a lot of patience.

“You have to have patience and have a love for this work, although for me it comes naturally, I was self-taught, but you have to have the patience otherwise you cannot do it.”

In her world of dolls and dollhouses, Rebecca told us that she manages to live her dream, a miniature world where everything can become reality.