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WATCH: Mouse clears up garage workbench during night hours

72-year-old British pensioner Stephen Mckears started getting worried when he realised someone was getting into his garage at night and clearing up screws, nuts and other pieces of metal and plastic left lying around on his workbench.

The pensioner would get up in the morning and realise his workbench would be different to the previous evening’s layout.

With the help of a neighbour, the man rigged up a camera to find out who had been entering his property without authorisation.

Much to their amazement, the elderly man and his neighbour discovered from the camera that the intruder responsible for clearing up the workbench was a mouse.

Stephen Mckears said this had been going on for a whole month, with the mouse turning up at night to carry these smalls items left haphazardly on the bench and deposit them tidily in a plastic container.

Mckears decided to call the rodent Brexit Mouse, as according to the pensioner, the mouse is hoarding stuff in preparation before a decision is taken on Brexit.

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