WATCH: Nadur Carnival remains the biggest activity for the masses in Gozo

The spontaneous Nadur Carnival remains the biggest winter activity for the masses in Gozo. Thousands of merrymakers thronged the streets of this locality on Saturday, with cars parked quite a distance away from the centre.

Political satire, current themes and popular personalities served as inspiration for the creators of costumes or floats, resulting in genuine smiles by the public which congregated in Nadur to take part in the festivities.

This song from a popular children’s programme served as inspiration for the costumes of a group of youths, just a few of the many on the streets of Nadur on Saturday-Sunday night.

Spontaneity was the keyword in every corner of Nadur, with main themes from current affairs one comes across on a daily basis, including the previous weekend’s sea bream saga, X Factor Malta which had been broadcast on TVM, and the proposed tunnel linking Malta and Gozo.

Satirical floats stole the scene in the street near the church. One float represented Pilatus Bank, with merrymakers on the float handing out false currency, and with washing machines and a safe on the rear. The masterminds behind the floats were Gozitans who hid behind masks to make sure they could not be identified.

The Square in front of the church was packed with people, the majority being Maltese youths who had crossed over to spend the weekend in Gozo.

Many teamed up as groups and dressed up on the same theme, others took their inspiration from politicians and current events, which included the cyber attack on the BOV system.

The Nadur night was enlivened with a rainbow of colours, with modern music echoing everywhere until about 2.30 in the morning. The entertainment then carried on in various establishments all over Gozo. Even if this was the best night, the spontaneous Nadur Carnival continues until Tuesday evening.

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