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WATCH: Nature therapy provides Marie Ellul shelter from schizophrenia

For long months, Marie Ellul was victim of schizophrenia however in Villa Chelsea she found nature therapy to assist her overcome the mental health problem. She is undergoing a therapy programme among nature – a joint project of Friends of the Earth Malta and Richmond Foundation, which runs Villa Chelsea.

“I used to be alone at home. Children were at school and I ended up in bed, without any motivation to do housework. I went to a psychiatrist; told him about the problem and the social worker suggested that I visit Villa Chelsea”, Marie Ellul said.

In recent months, Marie started using the Richmond Foundation service at Villa Chelsea to overcome schizophrenia – a mental disorder which causes frustration and loneliness, among others.

There is a group on stress management and anger management self care programmes. A therapy programme among nature is being done by 12 residents and six other clients who use the services at Villa Chelsea.

Tina Mgharious, who specializes in mental health rehabilitation, says that research shows that nature is beneficial to such persons. “When a person experiences direct contact with nature there is less chance of depression, anxiety and chronic stress”.

Richmond Foundation chief executive, Stephania Dimech Sant, said that through assistance these persons can be successful in their lives. “Step by step they build confidence and seeing the results, gives them satisfaction, regain their confidence and motivate themselves as the day begins”.

Today, Villa Chelsea is open for the public to see the work carried out on the rehabilitation of persons with mental health problems.

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