Watch: New Pump House to continue to attract more major films to Malta

The facilities at the Malta Film Studios have been further boosted with the building of a new Pump House. Films Commissioner Johann Grech said the project, the result of a two million euro investment, is one of a link of projects which are part of his vision for the coming years. Grech added that the Films Commission is exploring synergies with various entities, including PBS, for the industry to continue to develop including through a school for films, sound studios and facilities for special effects.

The new Pump House will be equipped with pumps with modern technology to work with more efficiency and with the least possible impact on the environment. The pumps have been changed after 40 years with the aim of continuing to serve both tanks which are frequently used for film productions, television series and advertisements for major companies who use the facilities at the Malta Film Studios in Kalkara.

Besides the building of the new Pump House through companies in the US and the UK, Malta Film Studios has improved the infrastructure in the area with new roads and embellishment, all of which at a total cost of two million euro.

Johann Grech stated during the inauguration that over 1,000 crew and more than 400 companies are involved in the industry, and the ambition is to train more youths for a career in the various sectors of the industry. Grech added that the Films Commission is working with Public Broadcasting Services Limited to explore synergies beneficial to everyone. The Commissioner referred to collaboration with other entities for the industry to continue to show promise for the future.

“We will try to attract as many productions as we can to Malta. We will try to create jobs for our people. This will translate into millions generated into the country’s economy. This is our vision. We want to transform Fort Ricasoli into the biggest centre for the film arts in Europe, where we Maltese and those who visit us can continue to enjoy our history and appreciate this art.”

Tourism and Consumer Protection Minister Clayton Bartolo remarked that the film industry has to be a living monument of more successes that have to be achieved. Minister Bartolo added that in this history of films, which has been written for more than 100 years, the Government is an important contributor for Malta to have a world-renowned film industry.

In the 13 months during the pandemic, Malta attracted 21 productions, generating some 75 million euro into the Maltese economy.