WATCH: Oldest man and woman in the world turn 112 years old

They have just turned 112, and they were both born on the same day in 1908. Bob and Joan are living in another era which will remain imprinted in the history of the world and their own lives. Despite their age and isolation they both look to the future with optimism.

Bob is the oldest man in the world and Joan is the oldest woman in the UK.

The have lived through a number of historical chapters, from the transport revolution to two world wars. They have also experienced the huge advances in technology and the Internet and are now facing the challenge of the Coronavirus.

These two senior citizens are in self-isolation. Weighton, who lives in Alton, said that he wished to celebrate his birthday but the Covid-19 restrictions have ruined his plans.

“I haven’t the slightest idea with all the coronavirus around. Who knows what’s going to happen? Certainly there will be no parties. There will be no special visitors,” said Bob Weighton.

Weighton said that he was a very shy boy and over the years he learned to take life as it come.  ”I’ve learnt how to take things as they come I guess, yeah, and trust that all would be well and it usually has been.”

Hocquard lives in Dorset with her partner who is 92. Although Covid-19 has created a lot of chaos, she has still celebrated with a small party with her partner Ken.

These two people said that their families sand friends are their priorities, but they love to meet new people and take what ever life has to offer.

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