Watch:- Is online dating a good or bad thing?

Twenty percent of couples meet online.

Some say that digital romances are guaranteed to succeed while others insist they can only lead to damage. Different strokes for different folks.

During the TVAM breakfast show, Matthew Bartolo, a sex and relationship counselor said that given that most of us can’t live without technology, it was no surprise that more and more people were meeting online.

Mr Bartolo believes that online dating is positive, and was just another way to meet other people, especially in today’s fast-paced world where people barely have the chance to socialise.

Asked whether online dating was dangerous, Mr Bartolo said that once you trusted a person with your feelings, online or otherwise, there was always the potential for abuse.

He added that if you use a dating app you still have to keep vigilant to see what people’s intentions are, especially from the way they talk to you.


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